Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 months

Three months and she is acting like it's nothing! Just look at her :)

She still loves being swaddled, maybe that's why we are getting plenty of sleep.

Miss Claire is just growing and I have still not found out how to make her stop! I was a little sad, it's time to move up in diapers . All the supercute newborn diapers have to be packed away until we make another little bottom to fill them up, unless there is a boy, then we are almost back at square one.

The newness has worn off with Makayla and Hannah and we have faced some jealousy that was not there in the beginning. Nothing too major but I have been making sure to sneak in extra big girl time whenever I can. Here is all 3 girls with their cousin Aiden, poor little guy will grow up with females all over the place!

It's not the best picture but getting 4 to look good at the same time is quite the challenge!

Last Thursday Claire had an appointment with an ENT about her tongue tie issue. We had not had any problmes until about 2.5 months. Suddenly the nursing sessions grew longer and I would then have to pump and feed her what I had emptied out. I just do not have time for that! She also began having latch issues and choking while eating and mommy was very sore through this. While in the office, I was sent to the waiting room during the snipping of the frenum. I told the doctor that I did not want to leave but she explained the process. I was worried that Hannah would not handle it well so I tearfully went to the waiting room, the entire process only took about 5 minutes. She is recovering well and I have already noticed her latch has improved.

Here's a couple more pictures from the last month.....

And a family one from the little local pumpkin patch.....