Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Scrooge

I hate to admit this, but I am kindof a Valentine's Day Scrooge. I have not always been this way but each year I get a little less blown away by this "holiday." Don't get me wrong, when my hubby brings home flowers, candy, a card, gift....whatever it is, I will melt. I love getting "stuff" and get giddy when I do.

That is why I am so torn by this day, I'm kindof a hypocrite on my feelings toward it. In the craziness of life it is so nice to have one day set aside to just appreciate and show love to one another. On the other hand, I do not really love that I am getting "stuff" because the rest of the world (or America) is doing it too. I prefer flowers and love notes "just because," that makes me feel so much more special than on Valentine's or birthdays.

I don't think I will ever be one of those people that just hates the day. I want to tell those people that feel this way and that are in a relationship, get over yourself and show some love, even if it is a Hallmark holiday. Try handmade gifts and then you won't be spending money and buying into the "hype."

To my single friends, go buy yourself some chocolate and go out and have fun. Love yourself and enjoy a gift to yourself, why not??

I'm not totally sure what my rant is about or if this even makes sense. I need to get off of here and put on some date-ish clothes and go on a hot date with the hubster. Ha, see......my feelings on today are so inconsistent!