Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girls First Cardinal Game

Sunday we were able to take the girls to their first Cardinals game which they LOVED! I will admit, it was Greg's idea and I was not thrilled about it because I did not have too much hope for them to enjoy themselves and weather in April is sooo unpredictable. I will say that Greg was right and I was wrong on this one! The girls had a great time, they were beyond well behaved and we all had a great time.

Last weekend was kids opening weekend so as soon as we went in the girls got free t-shirts and free ticket to a game in April or May. There was also free face painting, balloons, air brush tattoos, a bounce house and ice cream/popsicles before the game. We only waited in line for balloons and popsicles since we didn't get to the game too early. We were so happy to get the free t-shirts for the girls, when we left home it was cold and it turned into 85 degrees in St. Louis. I had to take them to the bathroom, change shirts, roll up the sleeves and roll up their pants but it made a huge difference.

Makayla was happy to sit through most of the game, Hannah would only last an inning at a time because she was hot and she thought she was at a basketball game! Greg would stay with Makayla and watch the game while Hannah and I would walk around the stadium.

The Cardinals won! Yay, but I'm not completely confident of who the other team was, I think it was the Brewers.....maybe. After the game the girls ran the bases. Hannah was saying that she wasn't going to do it but when we were down on the field she took off before Makayla.

Overall, it was an awesome day and I'm so glad Greg thought it would be a good idea!