Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheap Date Night...Success!!

I've been blogger MIA lately, mostly because last time I tried to post a blog I was unable to post pics :(  Apparently I have posted too many, I'm confused but have no time/interest to try to figure it out!

Greg and I had a much needed date night last night.  Since we were planning a family trip this weekend, it needed to be cheap-o :)   We took the girlies to grandma and grandpa's to spend the night and headed off to Effingham. 

We were not sure what the plan was but on the way to Effingham we decided $5 Little Ceasar's pizza sounded delish.  We went to Wal-Mart and bought chips and no bake cookies (dessert).  Then went to Motomart for $.69 big fountain sodas before picking up our pizza.  We took it to the dam by the lake and ate in the dark by the water. 

It was a little cold but who cares?!?!?  It was dark, quiet and we had no kids with us!!  We did get a call from the girls and when Hannah asked what we were doing I told her I was kissing Daddy under the moon.  She thought it was hilarious! 

Since we are so scandalous these days, our date ended early and we were [happily] home before 9:30!  Sometimes it is so hard to find time to get out without the girls with our busy schedules but it is so worth it everytime we do.  We WILL be having more fun date nights in the future, maybe one day Wal-Mart will not be on the agenda, haha!