Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 months!

I'm a little behind on Claire's 2 month update but here it is! Claire turned 2 months old last Wednesday and she has changed so much in the last few weeks! We had her 2 month appointment and shots yesterday. Claire is now 11 lbs 2 oz and 22 3/4 inches long. She falls in the 50% for weight and 60% in height. She now coos and smiles just because she wants to, it doesn't take so much work. Although I do miss the excitement of a smile after working so hard for one, it's wonderful to smile and get one back so easily. She will also let me put her on her belly for a few minutes at a time now, she is not a huge fan of tummy time but loves laying on her back.

We had some fun taking 2 month pictures with all 3 girls, I probably took over 50 and only 5 were actually usable so here they are!

This picture was taken last so her head lifting skills are better than this. I was excited to get a cow print diaper for my little baby calf, she eats enough to be a baby cow anyway! Maybe I should get a matching nursing cover, ha!

Sisterly love!

It was a challenge to get Claire's head up enough to see her face but here it is!

And another!

Saturday my uncle stopped by and always gives the girls a dollar for their piggy banks, Claire is already claiming hers! This picture cracks me up

Other updates:

Makayla and Hannah are still awesome sisters but the newness is wearing off and life is settling into a more natural routine. They will still talk to her and try to get her to smile but they are not over the top unless people are visiting and they are showing off.

Breastfeeding is still going great. We actually made it through church Sunday without having to nurse until we got back home, what an accomplishment! And we are still on track with cloth diapering. I am not sure how much I'll enjoy it in the winter since sunning will not be much of an option but we deal with that when we get there.

I am excited to watch her grow and change. Some days I just want her to stay this little and never get bigger, then she does something new and it is so exciting and I cannot wait to see more.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hannah's Big Week!

This week was a big week for our little Hannie. She has been asking when she gets to go to school since Makayla has started kindergarden and her time is finally here! This is her first time at Frog Pond and she just loves how the school looks.

Before taking Hannah, I dropped Claire off across the street so she could have some special time. At first she did not want pictures but kept asking for more after I took one. This is one of my favorites, she is so gorgeous!

She has been asking for a week to have a zoo party so Thursday evening I told her she could have one Friday. We invited some friends and cleaned the house. The only zoo themed attractions at the party were the Zoo Pals plates and the monkey on her shirt. Our healthy snacks were chosen by Hannah. Cookies, M&M's and white donuts, she also asked for chips but I figured this was enough junk for one morning!

Here is one of the 2 zoo like shirts that we could find in our house....

By the end of the week our whole household was worn out. Makayla really wanted to take a picture of her sister, Hannah did not want a picture taken so she hid. This is what Makayla came back with.....

She did cheer up and has been enjoying the weekend with her favorite parents and sisters :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

6 weeks!

Yesterday Miss Claire turned 6 weeks old!!! I can hardly believe it, this time last year I couldn't imagine having a healthy baby at home and here we are! This is how we celebrating turning six weeks.....

Exciting right :) I had about an hour of rest time that could have been filled with some much needed cleaning but I chose sweet sleep smiles and cartoons with Hannah instead!

How are we doing at 6 weeks with:

Sleeping? Generally she is in bed between 9 -9:30 pm and sleeps until 4:30-6 am in her cosleeper. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to try the crib, it seems so far away and she's just across the hall!

Nursing? She loves it and has been a pro since she has been born. We can finally go 2-3 hours between feedings a couple of times a day. She will make up for it though by nursing constantly between our dinner and bedtime.

Siblings? Makayla and Hannah are proud big sisters and love to talk to her and still ask to hold her everyday. Their big complaint is that she eats "like, a hundred hours a day!" They now want to help with diaper changing and will go talk to her if she is crying and I need an extra minute or two to finish what I am doing.

Cloth Diapers? Still going strong! And surprised how much I actually like it, we will see how I feel when we having solid foods and the poop changes.

Milestones? Claire is cooing more often and has real smiles for us! I don't know how I could be more excited about this! She loves to lay on a blanket on her back but tummy time usually lasts about 3-5 minutes, that is not her cup of tea but her neck is getting stronger. Yay!!!

I love my babies!!!