Monday, July 19, 2010

Craig Morgan and the Sidwell girls performances


This weekend turned out to be tons of fun. The girls and I went to the beach again with a group of girlfriends and their kids. Of course I did not have my camera with me and there were activities going on! They had a water safety day and the water dog (who looks like a giant mascot) bean bag games, snocones, games down on the sand and a huge inflatable water slide. It was a perfect day to go to the beach. On the way home Greg called and said we had tickets to the Craig Morgan concert if we could get a babysitter. I am all for a good time so I googled Craig Morgan and realized I knew a ton of his songs (and now know what he looks like, haha!)

My awesome grandma took the girls so we headed to Mattoon. We had great seats but noticed people going to the stage before the show so that is where we ended up too! Greg did not want to go up at first but I am a HUGE whiner sometimes so we went up. Who wants to sit in chairs at a concert??? The main guitarist came out and I had no clue that he wasn't Craig Morgan so I took about 10 pictures of him before Craig came out....ooopsie! To my defense, their hair is the same and everyone looks the same with sunglasses.

The show started out a little awkward, not that it was bad, but I wanted to dance and get into it and everybody else by the stage just stood there.

Who goes that close just to stand, the chairs would have been just as fun for them!

I had to take the picture below, I think this guy's hair is crazy! Just showing support for my fellow redheads, even if I cover up the red that continues to get brighter in my hair.

The concert was great and we actually knew most of the songs. Craig put on a good show even if he is a liar (haha)! He introduced his entire band as being from the local area, it was believable. It really got the crowd totally pumped up and probably wondering if they would have known the band members. The crowd around us finally started dancing and singing along which was awesome since I was not the only one dancing anymore (Greg looked like a statue behind me!) We were so soaked with sweat it felt like we had taken a shower! Greg said the only person in Coles county that was more sweaty than him would have been Craig Morgan, but I think I may have held my own in that gross contest! Look how wet my neck is!

At the end of the show when Craig was going along the front of the stage shaking hands, Greg told me that I would not be able to get up there. SOOOO, I had to prove him wrong and got my hand grabbed. Yes, I am quite proud of myself, haha!

The girls at church

Sunday morning at church our favorite performers sang the B-I-B-L-E on stage with their classes. After a month of them belting the song out and singing it 100 times every day, they were pretty quiet when they got on stage! I did not take a picture of Hannah because Makayla's did not turn out too clear. Makayla is in the back row at the end in the bright dress. She just stood there from what I could tell, hugging her bible.

Hannah's 3 year old class was too funny. Hannah was turned around, she did turn to face the front but kept looking at the lady behind her playing the keyboard. I am still not sure if she was singing but she danced the whole time!

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  1. That happens to me too, the time I do not bring a camera and there is so much going on. That's when I have to take my mental pictures :)

    What fun!!! I love Craig Morgan's songs and I am glad that you were able to find a babysitter so that you could go.

    That's too funny that when the girls performed they got quiet, that's typically how it goes isn't it ha ha :)

    I loved reading this post, it was so fun!!!