Monday, July 5, 2010

New blog

Ok, so this is the 2nd of my new blog! I tried to start one and made a huge mess of it so decided to start all over and delete the previous one! Thanks Elena for being my first and only follower on that one!

The only post said this "It will be a few days before I can sit down to make this new blog pretty but I thought I would start a family blog. Our blog for Olivia is full of so much raw emotion surrounding the journey of losing a child, the new blog will show the "other" side of our life.
New posts coming soon!"

The new posts never came but will soon!


  1. Your blog is awesome!! I love the design. I am excited that you started a new blog about your family. Your 3 girls are gorgeous and you and your hubby are so cute together!! I was so excited to be your first follower :)

  2. Ok so the reason I commented twice is it messed up the first time and then all of a sudden there were two :) hee hee. Feel free to delete this and one of the other comments or leave it if you would like. :P

  3. haha, it's alright, I will leave them! Thank you for the nice comments :)