Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another day away

I decided to go ahead and blog about another run away day we were able to have since I am desperately trying to stay awake right now! As I am sitting here typing, I have a lovely tiara, because I am the queen, Makayla is a fairy princess and Hannah is a ballerina. I'm not sure when they grow out of this stage but I really hope it's awhile away!
Our latest family adventure was Paducah, Kentucky. The girls and I drove down to meet Greg when he was getting off of work. There are tons of state parks and outdoorsy things to do along the way but we stuck to eating out, shopping and the hotel pool. The girls enjoyed themselves and totally crashed with no problem at the end of the day! I love how they look sleeping but love it even more when they are sharing a bed!

On the way home, we became the ultimate tourists in Metropolis IL! The home of Superman! Greg and I spent 2 years at SIUC and never even considered going down there but since we were passing through it sounded like a fun idea, and it was! Here are a few highlights.......
All 3 (or 4!) of us




Makayla in a Superman Stance

Hannah holding up the man of steel (I think that's his motto)

Time to get back to the My Little Pony Pageant and folding laundry!

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