Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maternity Pics and Birthday Party

Saturday was a busy day for our family, we had maternity pictures scheduled and then headed up to Peoria for a nephew's birthday party. With the unpredictable rain lately we were not sure what would happen for outdoor maternity pictures but the weather early Saturday could not have been more beautiful! I am not a fan of having my picture taken but I know that I will regret never having pictures so I do them anyway!
We met the photographer, Tisha Gruel with Priceless Images for the first time last fall. She had a pay it forward contest and someone had submitted our family to have a free session and picture package. I still do not know who submitted us but am so glad we have found Tisha. She is so calm, sweet and patient at the shoot and when I say "Tell us what to do because I don't know!" she does just that!

Here are a few from our sneak peek!

This one she told me to look at Greg and I started laughing because I asked if he wanted to make out. Very immature, I know!!!!

Hannah was not very cooperative so we had pictures with them as she decided she would hop in

And the final one for now since everyone has probably already seen these on facebook!

I am so glad we did pictures early because it sounds like the weather was just horrible later in the day. After pictures we hit the road for a 3 hour roadtrip to celebrate Greg's nephew Nathan turning 5!

It was a great weekend and I spent most of my day today sleeping, who would've thought sitting in a car would wear someone out so much????


  1. I wish I would've gotten maternity pics w/ Kyndra but then I didn't think it was that important. Yours are great! Will have to check out the rest

  2. Very nice photos, thanks for sharing them! You look beautiful! I love pictures that catch moments like the one with you and Greg where you were laughing. I will have to check out the rest, can't wait!!! Car rides can definitely be exhausting ha ha I know from experience! lol