Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hannah's Big Week!

This week was a big week for our little Hannie. She has been asking when she gets to go to school since Makayla has started kindergarden and her time is finally here! This is her first time at Frog Pond and she just loves how the school looks.

Before taking Hannah, I dropped Claire off across the street so she could have some special time. At first she did not want pictures but kept asking for more after I took one. This is one of my favorites, she is so gorgeous!

She has been asking for a week to have a zoo party so Thursday evening I told her she could have one Friday. We invited some friends and cleaned the house. The only zoo themed attractions at the party were the Zoo Pals plates and the monkey on her shirt. Our healthy snacks were chosen by Hannah. Cookies, M&M's and white donuts, she also asked for chips but I figured this was enough junk for one morning!

Here is one of the 2 zoo like shirts that we could find in our house....

By the end of the week our whole household was worn out. Makayla really wanted to take a picture of her sister, Hannah did not want a picture taken so she hid. This is what Makayla came back with.....

She did cheer up and has been enjoying the weekend with her favorite parents and sisters :)

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  1. Oh dear, I love that last picture! How cute! What a pretty and neat school building. I hope Hannah had a great week at school! I just love the zoo party!