Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfect Snow Day

This might be the only time I ever, and I mean EVER, say that there is a perfect snow day! But today is wonderful for it. It's sunny and 30(ish) degrees, the roads are clear but plenty of snow on the grass to play in and Makayla has no school! Thank you Casimir Pulaski for whatever you did, I am enjoying this "holiday" and having my girlie Makayla home with us today :)

The girls were begging to play in the snow and I almost did not do it since Claire has been so sick. Lucky for them, they are big enough to bundle themselves up, it's easier to say yes when the load is lighter for me! I bundled up Claire and threw on a jacket, gloves and scarf and headed outside. I'm glad I had my phone handy or I would have missed pictures of the fun.

The girls making snowballs to throw at eachother

Snow angels

The gift Hannah made for me :) If you have ever heard me complain about the train tracks by our house, this is why!! It's literally in our yard!

Makayla, right before she threw this at Hannah

Hannah looking cute

Claire, right before she fell asleep. She had been laughing at the big girls but tuckered out very quickly

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