Monday, April 30, 2012

April showers bring......

April Showers bring.....May babies in the Sidwell house! I love May, I really do, but we are about to embark in the craziest month of our year. I'm not complaining at all, just breathing in the calm before the storm! Here is a basic breakdown of our month....

May 3rd-Makayla's b-day party at school
May 4th-Makayla's birthday and meeting kindergarten for lunch during the field trip
May 5th-Girls cheer competition

May 11th-Hannah's kindergarten
May 12th- Olivia's 2nd birthday and girls State cheer meet
May 13th-Mother's day
May 15th-Field trip with Makayla's class to Decatur Zoo

May 16th-Last day of school for Makayla
May 19th-Bean Day! (annual family gathering)
May 20th-Big girls b-day party

May 23rd-Hannah's B-day, Hannah's last day of preschool + school party + school picnic
May 27th-Hannah's Frog Pond graduation
May 28th-probably a parade in there somewhere

.......AND this is why I may not be the best at answering calls/texts/emails for the next month AND if I do not see you after looking right at you in the store (this happens on occassion!) you will know why!! I'm sure I am leaving something out and this is in addition to our normal routine.

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  1. Wow! Big exciting, busy, fun filled month :) you and I are a lot alike. I am always telling people don't take it personal if I don't say hi its because I didn't see you lol good luck!