Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Romance Night

The girls decided after dinner that they were going to make a romantic night for their daddy and me.  It was sweet....and pretty funny.  While I was doing dishes, Makayla and Hannah coached Greg to give me compliments and talk romantically.

They had us sit at the table and gave us a place setting.  The centerpiece was a cup of flower pens and a plaque from Olivia's funeral.  Definitely falls into the "it's the thought that counts" category, haha!  Notice the half eaten banana in the background.
"Greg" also provided snacks for us and gave me a love note that says "Your Pretty" written in pink glitter glue.  An apple was added later but did not make the photo
"I" then gave Greg his romance snack and love picture (?)  He also was given an apple later.
Also, each time we were instructed to kiss, they tore up paper and threw it at us like confetti.  What a romantic night.  The whole time Claire was just inches away covered in her own yogurt and laughing randomly.  I love these girls :)


  1. Claire's ecard:

    Everyone's all "I love snacks" and "I love flowers". I'm just over here like "I FREAKING LOVE YOGURT!"

    Never a dull moment in the Sidwell house!

    1. haha, you are so in sync with Claire!

      And yes, never a dull moment here!

  2. Such a sweet and AWESOME gesture! :)