Thursday, November 15, 2012

Supermodel Syndrome

Let me tell you a little story about a thing called supermodel syndrome.  I'm not sure that this is an actual term but in my world, it totally is!  Supermodel syndrome (by my definition) is the feeling of feeling just amazing, fabulous and confident with who you are.

I experience supermodel syndrome in different situations.  My favorite is right after I have a baby.  Those girls came out of me and whoa!  I thought I was back to "normal" size in my mind.  I don't have a huge belly anymore, my boobs are all huge and swollen from being engorged and my happy hormones are going through the roof.  I feel like a whole new person, an even better "me."  This tends to linger for me for about 2 weeks, then I have a reality check in the mirror.  I see that my stomach is loose and all that extra weight gained that didn't go away.

My other key time for supermodel syndrome is when I am exercising.  I started working out with Beachbody Programs a couple of years ago but got really serious about them again just a few months ago.  I recently started Chalean Extreme, Shakeology and also ordered TurboFire.  I am in love love love with it all and best of all....supermodel syndrome is back!  Haha, I know that my size has not changed too much but those endorphins do a brain some good :)  I love the feeling of a stronger/confident me.  My supermodel syndrome has faded in the last few days so I need to tweak something to get it back and I will!

So, according to my theory, in order to have this phenomenon happen to you one of 2 things are needed.  You can either have a baby or get to exercising!  I will add that I do not think I am the prettiest, skinniest, fittest person in the world but I do what I need to do to feel fabulous with who I am :)  Tell me what gives you your own "supermodel syndrome"

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  1. Love the term! I love the feeling and have been without it for quite some time now. I definitely need to start exercising for those endorphin rushes. I used to be active in high school and ever since I have become a mom that just all went out the window. This post was so motivating, as I have really been trying to get an exercise routine going again. Thanks!!! :)