Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello Toddler Time

I am not sure exactly when a baby becomes a toddler but I am 100% certain that Claire is officially a toddler.  When she turned 1, she was still such a baby!  She didn't walk, or even try, until after 14 months.  She nursed until almost 16 months, she was just "my baby." 

I am not certain if I have amnesia from the big girls toddler time or if Claire is just different but I was not prepared for my little nugget to become such a handful!!  I honestly do not remember going through half of these things with Makayla and Hannah.  I know there were many times I called my grandma and said "I cannot do this!" but this side of fence I remember it all rosy.  Don't get me wrong, I would trade this craziness for NOTHING.  I know what it is like living without these milestones and just wishing I could have my baby terrorizing my house, so for all of this.....I am grateful!

With that being said, here is a small list of the things my 17 month old has decided to start doing that leaves me wondering how I did it with 2 just 12.5 months apart.  I know I survived it and feel that I did a good job with Makayla and Hannah and I know that I will get through it all just fine again.  So here goes my list of daily fun:

  • As we speak, she is eating a candy cane through the wrapper
  • When I tell her no, she has a massive fit that I am forced to just walk away from
  • Every cabinet, every drawer, everything in reach is fair game to be unloaded!
  • She draws on absolutely everything with any writing object she can find
  • Food in bowls in automatically dumped, then eaten off the floor
  • If a cup is left within reach, the drink is poured all over her and the floor and then played in
  • Some clothes she can take off!  Then cries until I put it back on, then she takes it off again!
The list goes on, life is never dull and I love it.  I just try to soak it all in, be thankful and remind myself that the next stage might not be as humorous or easy to deal with.  I'll do a quick list of the things I love about my baby girl growing up (*tear*tear*)

  • She has started saying words, at least I know what she is saying :)
  • Baby dancing!  She was a late bloomer on this, she makes a wide stance then shakes her booty
  • She understands most things I say and will follow commands
  • She knows sign language, a whole 2 signs but it's so stinking cute!
  • She loves to sit on the potty but has only actually peed on it once
  • She laughs at everything and thinks I am soooo funny (because I am)
  • She can play with toys the right way, not just haul them around
  • She tries to mimic everything I do, love watching her try to put on makeup
  • She loves clothes and accessories
  • She attempts to do somersaults to copy her big sisters flying all over the house
I'm sure there are 10 million things I love that I am leaving off this list.  Claire is so fun and funny and I cannot imagine our life without this silly little ball of sunshine!


  1. She thinks I'm so funny (because I am)

    I heard your voice in my head as I read that. :)

    1. haha! Just seeing this comment, I'm very modest :)