Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lunch Dates

One thing that the big girls and I used to do when they were younger, before preschool and school got in the way, was meet Greg for lunch.  At the time he worked in sales for a local Pepsi bottler and would be all over the place within about an hour radius.  It really did not matter how far he was, we would just go meet because we could.  Sometimes it would be fast food, other times a pizza place or Greg's favorite, a mom & pop type diner. 
Over time, school started getting in the way, his job changed and he had a much wider area and then a complete change of career.  From that point on our lunches stopped completely but were replaced with a few overnight getaways to meet up with Daddy.  We both severely underestimated the effect a job requiring travel would have on our family.  It was the longest year of our married life and although it caused hardships for him to lose that job, I am so glad to have my husband back home every night!!
His job now has him in an office in Effingham and Claire and I have been meeting him for lunch at least once every week or two.  I LOVE it!  It is usually at Subway since his lunch break is short and McDonald's and Subway are the only food choices on that end of town.  When Claire stays awake for it, she loves getting to go see Daddy before heading home from Effingham.  It's such a great way to break up the week, I don't know that he will always have a job that allows for this so I will soak it in for now.  I'm not sure what this summer will bring with a new baby coming and big kids home from school but I'm sure we will make some family lunch dates work, even if they are at a park!


  1. :) lunch dates are VERY awesome! hope greg likes his new job.

    1. He has been there almost a year now and is happy to have that family time back!