Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Weekend!

To say we had a busy weekend might be an understatement. We were on the go from Friday morning until Sunday evening. Here is a quick recap of our festivities :)

Greg's Christmas party was Friday during the day. We got Makayla off to school, Hannah over to my grandma's before we headed down to southern Illinois. The company he works for is in Anna but his party was at Giant City Lodge, about 2.5 hours away. Of course Claire came, if it were closer I would have left her too but it was a long day for no mommy time with a busy weekend coming up. Before leaving I just had to have a picture of Claire with one of the dinner guests :)

Makayla was the little flower girl for Altamont's homecoming. Friday night was the game. You would think that her curly hair would be a quick fix, and typically it is. After having it down all day for school and no time to wash it and start over, I brushed through the tangled mess, curled already curly hair and ran out the door. She did wonderful and did not seem at all shy!

After the game we took Makayla and Hannah over to a friend's house, they were having a sleepover with some other girls. They all decorated their own gingerbread houses, how fun!

We picked them up the next morning around 11 and headed out toward their cousins' birthday party. I did not get any pictures of that but they had a great time and ice cream cake!!! We had about 3 hours downtime at home before we needed to start getting ready for the homecoming dance. I put on a movie and told the girls to rest, no talking! Hannah took a nice long nap, Makayla just "couldn't get comfortable" but was super whiney so the rest was good for her.

Makayla and Hannah had baths before dinner. This was so I could blow dry Makayla's hair straight and curl it again....crazy, I know! I decided to do her hair up for Saturday, I was not in love with the down curls. There are so many good pictures but since most are on facebook I will not post a bunch here.

Hannah also loved going to the dance, she liked to watch the dancing and checking out the pretty dresses.

Sunday morning was church and in the afternoon Makayla and Hannah's class were going Christmas caroling. Once again, no pictures of this but they had a great time doing it. By the time we got home Sunday evening, we were happy to be home!! All 3 girls went to bed easy enough. I was so tired I crashed on the couch before 9, I'm not sure if Greg tried to wake me up or knew that I wouldn't budge but I slept there all night! Although this weekend turned out great and we all had a good time, next weekend is empty and I plan to keep it that way!!!


  1. Sounds like a busy but exciting & fun weekend!

  2. Wow the girls had a lot going on! Busy for sure!