Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun Stuff From Pinterest!

I just recently discovered the world of Pinterest about a month ago. I was sitting at a MOPs meeting and a couple of friends were talking about it and were in shock that I had not heard of this. I checked it out and I LOVE it! I am not sure how much I will actually accomplish beyond a whole lot of pinning but I did manage to do 2 things last night.

One was a hairstyle, nothing too fabulous but it will be cute when I master it. No pictures though. I also saw fabric headbands. I thought this would be fun for the girls with some tulle that I already had at home. These fun little accessories probably cost a whole $.50 to make.



Check out these curls....all natural! For both girls, I just had to bobby pin in place!


  1. Those are ADORABLE! :) I haven't don't any of the things on Pinterest yet, I'm just collecting a database in case i ever decide to become crafty. ;)

  2. These are awesome! I love Pinterest also!

    Those curls are the BEST!!!! I love them!