Friday, November 11, 2011

A Night Away

Last night we had a much past due night away. Makayla had no school Friday and Greg was staying in Champaign for work so we all ran away again. Champaign is only about an hour and a half away but Miss Claire did not approve of this journey apparently and cried half the way there.
This was a low key getaway so Greg and the big girls went to pick up pizza while I fed Claire in the hotel room. After dinner we hit the pool. This is always the highlight of an overnight stay for Makayla and Hannah and it was Claire's first time in the pool.

Check out the swim diaper!

Daddy and his girls going down the elevator

Claire loved the pool, it was a little cool but as long as she had Mommy she was a happy baby

"Mommy, help me!!!"

Makayla loved the "hot, little pool"

I was pleasantly surprised that everyone slept so great. Claire did not wake up and the girls did not even try to fight going to bed. I was woken up in the morning by Hannah standing by my head telling me "I like staying at the hotel but I like staying at grandma Judy's, grandma and grandpas and home more than the hotel."

After breakfast we headed back home and Daddy went back to work. On the way home we stopped in Arcola. Since this is this a huge Amish area, I thought it would be fun to try to find horses and buggies out. We did not see any but we really should have driven over to Arthur for this adventure. Arthur is not too far but Claire was starting to get cranky and I was not sure where to stop to feed her so we got back on the interstate.

We stopped to see our favorite veteran in Mattoon on the way home, my great-grandpa. It was neat to talk to the girls about Veterans Day. They now know what veterans are and they were so excited that they knew so many!

The girls with their great-great grandpa. Hannah is being very difficult with pictures lately and as long as I have her in one, I do not push for too many.

Claire and Bob, sharing wisdom

Now we are home sweet home, Makayla and Hannah are staying the night with grandparents. It will be awhile before our next adventure, darn school! But I'm sure the timing will be just right when we all need a break :)

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  1. cute swim dipe! I'm sure all the girls had fun swimming :)

    How wonderful they got to spend time w/ their great great grandpa. Not many kids can say they still have a great great grandparent!