Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OAP Week 2

OAP or Operation After Picture, Week 2 is here! Sadly, I have been so busy the last 2 mornings that I have forgotten to do my weigh in. Mornings are very critical for this timing. I have to empty my bladder and pump off whatever Claire does not eat before I weigh myself. Funny as it sounds, it makes at least a 2 lb difference!

Here's how last week went:

Monday-Did a short Turbo Jam video and had a blast! I love this workout and thought I could handle more but did not want to push my luck.

Tuesday-I know I did something but cannot remember! Hello MommyBrain!

Wednesday-Met with a friend at the rec center in Effingham to walk. At first I thought it was a long shot because Claire was just not in the mood. I got her fed and we were able to get some laps in. We also added in lunges and squats. HOLY MOLY! My legs were just not ready for the amount I did, which is still small compared to where I left off.

Thursday-Hurt so bad that the thought of getting up and down off of furniture left me standing for long periods of time and/or not getting up unless I absolutely had to. No scheduled exercise but I did try to work my legs in the hotel pool.

Friday-Still tortured walking, standing, sitting, ect. My wonderful hubby really massaged my legs and it was a life saver! Now I can get busy again this week since I can actually walk and using stairs at church was not a torture chamber for me.


I will post weight loss next week when I rememeber to weigh myself! I hope if you are joining on this journey, you are having great success!!

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