Thursday, January 26, 2012

6 months....already!

This post is almost a week late but I have had zero time and/or energy to get it done. Claire turned 6 months on Saturday and once again, she has changed so much! Her looks have not changed much but he has grown and developed. Next week she will have her checkup and shots so I will know her height and weight then.

It has been a BUSY last month. We have had Christmas, New Years and tons of activities in the mix!

As far as feedings go, I think she is starving.....can you tell? ;)

She has been nursing wonderfully still. She also moved into the wheat cereals. Last night she tried sweet potatoes for the first time. This girl is ready for FOOD! She watches everything that goes into our mouths, if I am holding a cup or drink, she is trying to get it in her mouth. I would not be surprised if baby food jars are short lived for this little nugget, she will go quickly into table food.

In the last month of sickness, she has needed antibiotics but stayed pretty healthy over all. She has an appointment tomorrow, she has been having fevers up and down the last week but now she is getting fussier and pulling her ears.

How much has she grown? I'm not really sure but I do know she is 17 lbs (at least). Her small diapers are just not going to work much longer. I found a good deal on a few mediums and one sized diapers. If we have more kids, we are set on for girly diapers, a poor little boy would be lost in the sea of pink!
Claire is officially in 6-9 months cloths :( Her room is a mess! I had just organized her 3-6 months cloths in the dresser and still have the newborn and 0-3 month cloths heaping over a bucket. I have moved her 3-6 mo cloths into a basket, and the right size is in her dresser for now. Oh well....I will get them organized....sometime!

Teething? Who knows!?!?! Makayla and Hannah were both 10 months for their first teeth.

New sounds and noises? Not sure if it counts but when she is upset and wants me she will say "MamamaMUUUMMM!" I am counting it as saying "mama" first!

Movement? She rolls all over! If she wants to get somewhere, she figures out how. She has tried to push up on her hands and knees but falls pretty quickly. One morning she was scooting backward but I think we are still a month or two from crawling. It would be neat if she proves me wrong!
She will also stand up to things if we put her there and stay close to catch her when she goes off balance....check her out!
After looking at this picture again, you cannot tell but they are standing up to my grandma's coffee table. And Aiden isn't really that mad, he wanted to walk around her but was blocked in :)

If I missed anything, I will update when I post her measurements next week!


  1. She is a doll! I love her little smile :)

  2. So darn cute! Those eyes are just beautiful!

  3. I think it looks like you and greg as babies in that picture!

  4. She is just so, so beautiful! I just want to zerbert that belly!

  5. What a cutie! I love her eyes!