Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serious case of Mommy Brain!!

I have been suffering from Mommy Brain alot lately but today it hit an all time high, or low depending on how you look at it. I don't even know where to start with this but here we go.....

After washing my hair last night I thought I had forgotten to rinse my conditioner out of my hair so I did a quick rerinse then hopped out of the tub. I pulled my hair up and headed straight to bed so I could blowdry it in the morning.

This morning I actually woke up with my second alarm, usually I do not hear any and my kids wake me up late. So up I go and thought, yay, I have time to read a little from my bible before getting busy. That was quickly interrupted when Claire woke up so I put in on the back of the toilet (no idea why!) and got her out of bed.

As the morning progressed, I started blowdrying my hair only to have it not fully dry. It felt weird and my attempt to straighten it made it look a littly greasy so I assumed I did not get all the conditioner out last night.

This morning was a rush rush kind of morning, I had to get Makayla to school and head straight to Effingham for Claire's 6 month checkup. Makayla could not find her glasses, she swore she had put them on the back of the toilet. After getting a lecture about being responsible for her things (Mommy cannot keep track of everything....blah blah blah) she went to school with no glasses on.

The two little girls and I head straight to the doctor where my brain could not focus to fill out the 6 month questionnaire. I had to reread every question at least 2 times. I finally got through it and had a great appointment except the shots :(

We continued on with the day, Hannah did not stop talking from before Makayla went to school until after lunch. She paused briefly to eat the yogurt parfait I bought on the way to the doctor office. After giving myself several pep talks that sound like this: "I am lucky to have a kid that wants to talk to me," "I am grateful that my child is capable of talking, "I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed!!!!" I decided we needed to eat lunch out so I could physically see that there are other adults out there. I saw several people we knew and sat close to a woman that loves to chat and left me thinking "aaahhhhh, an adult!!"

We went home to rest, the big girls are past the napping stage so I let Hannah pick out a movie. She continued to talk throughout the movie, even after I threatened to put her in her bed! Claire refused to be put down, I'm guessing it had something to do with shots earlier in the day. At some point I ended up back in the bathroom, picked up my bible and realized that Makayla's glasses were in there! I had used them as a bookmark and completely forgot!

Before picking Makayla up for school I had to put my hair up. It was feeling gross, heavy and my scalp was starting to itch like crazy. Before long it was time to head to the school. We load up the car, I start it, realize the garage door is closed so I shut it back off right away. Open the door, restart my car which sputtered out of the garage, my car does not typically do this. (lovely, mommy brain=flooded engine! Thanks for the heads up Rachel!) I shut it off, restart and it was still sputtering bad. I had to steal the right-of-way at a stop sign so the car wouldn't die but I made it to the school. Afraid I wouldn't make it back home I had another mommy on standby to rescue us. The 10 minute break helped my poor car recover and we made it home safely and smoothly. I apologized to Makayla for blaming her for losing the glasses and put them back on her face.

Since the girls had a cheer performance, we had to take baths early tonight. I went to grab shampoo only to find that I had bought THREE bottles of conditioner, no shampoo. My head was going crazy all day because I had not washed my hair at all the night before, I conditioned on top of conditioner! Now my hair and head is scrubbed, feeling fresh and I am beyond ready for bed!!


  1. Comedy of errors! I hope it gets better but can not offer much hope. It is a constant comedy or errors around here. I have just learned to laugh at myself and take a huge sigh of relief when I read of others doing things I thought were sure signs of my loss of mind! Shewwwww, not losing my mind after all. I also find myself repeating over and over again, "I'm gonna miss this one day!" (especially when Jay will NOT.STOP.TALKING!) I bet our kiddos would get along fabulously!

  2. You told this so well! And thank you for sharing your honest mommy moments. This was needed today. I almost read it yesterday but didn't and I really needed this today so I am glad you wrote it!