Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Refresher

I'm starting out this week feeling renewed and refreshed, by the end of last week I was ready to run away. I would have come back of course but had I had the extra money in our budget, I would have gotten a plane ticket and disappeared for the weekend! This had nothing to do inparticular with my kids or husband, I was just worn out and run down.

I was determined on Friday morning to revamp myself but continued through my day drained and whiney. Friday evening our MOPs group was having a BUNCO night, Greg and I had the opportunity for a date night but I decided I needed to refresh myself before anything else. I am so glad I got out with other ladies! We played BUNCO, then some of us went to El Rancherito and 4 of us went to see One for the Money. It was a good movie and I kept thinking about how familiar it seemed, talking to my mother in law, I have read several of the books and completely forgot!

Saturday I woke up feeling like a new person. My uncle came down and we enjoyed visiting with him. After he left I tackled Claire's disaster of a room, I have most of it cleaned up but now have a pile of stuff I need to find storage for.

That night Greg and I had some alone time out of the house. I would love to call it a date but it was just running around Effingham getting things our family needed with NO kids! It was wonderful....did I mention we were alone???

Sunday we had a lunch for Greg's parents 40th wedding anniversary. There anniversary is actually Tuesday but we are all so busy that night so we had them over early. My grandma came over for lunch also and after his parents left, she offered to let us take a nap and she would play with the girls. Silly me almost said no but thought again really quick and Greg and I disappeared. I crashed hard and could have probably slept until Monday morning. Unfortunately, my grandma has a life and that did not work out for us, haha! (just kidding!)

Sunday night, Greg and I watched Courageous together. That was such a good movie but nobody warned me that it would make me cry! I think Greg really enjoyed it too.

It was a much needed weekend and I no longer feel like running away! I am ready to enjoy this week and tackle our house that never seems to get all the way clean!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I definitely understand needing to refresh.