Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cardinal Caravan

I am far behind on this blog and managed to skip Christmas and New Year's all together! But that's ok!

After church today Greg and I were able to take the girls to the Cardinal Caravan in Mattoon. For those of you who don't know what that is, I'll try my best to explain it. A few Cardinal players, both rookie and retired and an announcer, travel around and sign autographs in the off season. The big names stay in St. Louis for the big Winter Warmup (I think!)

I was not sure we were even going when we left our house this morning and did not even think of wearing Cardinal gear. I seriously think we were the only people, and entire family, with NO Cardinal clothes on. Claire had some red when we left the house but an overflowing diaper left her in a sleeper :) We stopped at Dollar General on the way up there for little pink girly notebooks to have the autographs signed in, we were slacking on the fan favors for this trip!

Let me tell you the attention having all little girls brings! After waiting in line for awhile and seeing tons of little boys go through the line, they were quite a hit at the autograph table!

Here are some pictures of who they got autographs from.....
Tony Cruz, if you can see it, check out his diamond baseball bracelet....BLING!!!

Matt Carpenter and Zack Cox, they would not stop talking to eachother when signing, shame on them!

Jordan Swagerty (SP?), so nice to pose with Claire even though could care less who she was sitting with!

Rex Hudler was next and here is where it was fun. He saw Hannah first and asked "Who owns you?" I told him "I do!" He started talking about how cute she was and looked up, saw me holding Claire and said "Oh WOW, you have another one!" Then looked over and saw Makayla and asked "Is she yours too?!?" Of course I proudly said yes and he and the Andy Benes were really excited about so many girls. Then looked at Greg and told him congrats on all the girls and "way to go Dad!" and then Rex gave Greg a fist bump for having such cute girls.

Andy Benes is next and Claire once again could care less, she was knocking water bottles over that were sitting on the table. The guy to the right is Dan Mclaughlin, TV broadcaster for the Cardinals. He kept talking about our beautiful girls, even as we were walking away.

All in all, it was a great day for the Sidwells! I'm sure other kids were told they were cute today but this proud Mommy just soaks it all in anyway! Unfortunately the biggest celebrity of all for the girls was gone before we got through the line, Fredbird!!! That's fine though, we will catch him at a game this year!!!!

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