Sunday, June 24, 2012

Claire's Big Poo Catastrophe

It's always something in our house when we are already pressed for time or while we are out trying to get somewhere. Things just seem to happen in our day to day life, I am often wondering if this crazy stuff happens to anyone else like it does our family.
This morning was already rushed, Makayla needed to be at church at 7:20 am to practice singing on stage with Tehelliah. (I'll blog about what that is later!)
We had been in Peoria yesterday so we all had a late bedtime, usually the girls go to bed at 8:00 and bedtime last night became 10:30. Since I was nowhere near ready, Greg headed to Effingham with Makayla and I was following with the other girlies to go to the 8:15 service. It was rushed, I was not being the most pleasant Mommy around but I managed to get myself ready and kids fed. All I needed to do was get Claire out of the highchair, change her clothes and we would get to church right on time.
That's when it all came crashing down. I lift my content little baby up out of the chair, put her up against my dress and hear a splat. I look down, there is poop all over the high chair, all over my dress, splattered on the floor and all over my sweet little baby's legs. I wish I could say I handled it with grace but I did not. I started crying. I was shouting at Hannah to get the wipes, she was flustered by my reaction and could not focus to grab the wipes that were out in the open. Claire started crying when I laid her on the floor to strip her down and probably confused as to why her Mommy was a complete basketcase. Greg called in the middle of the chaos and got an ear full before I hung up and tossed my phone to the living room (away from the poo!) I wiped some of the poo off the floor and left it all. The diaper and outfit stayed on the floor along with the rest of the disaster. Since I had decided I was still going to make it to church, I had to get moving with people cleanup!
Claire was given a 2 minute bath and was happy as can be about it. I am so glad I had caught up on laundry this week and actually put it away so I didn't have to dig for something to wear. We managed to get out the door as church would have been starting and got there as the last song was being played. I did not miss it though, the kids sang for all 3 services so I was able to see it during 2nd service.
I feel kindof guilty, as I am typing this my lovely hubster is cleaning up what was left behind. Greg has the weakest stomach when it comes to the kids bodily excretions so this makes him a superhero this afternoon. Although he is grouchy about far I have not heard him gagging!

So does anyone else seem to have this crazy stuff happen to them on a regular basis like this???


  1. You know I love a raunchy poop story! Poor mommy. I know that rushed-already-then-unforeseen-disaster-causes-meltdown feeling! Basically, the first 6 months of Keira's life. Basketcase is an understatement.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Wish I could say nothing like that happens around here, but it does. Good mama and good daddy! Poop stories keep it real for sure! Had more than my fair share of meltdowns too!! Hope tomorrow is better. Love ya friend!

  3. I have this white shirt that I LOVE, but I don't wear anymore.

    Lesson learned (3x)

  4. We definitely have our fair share of "fun" moments such as this.