Monday, June 11, 2012

Kentucky Part 2, Kentucky Down Under

......Continued from Kentucky Weekend.....

We arrived safely at Kentucky Down Under and received a map and a time for the cave tour. We looked up prices before going and thought it was more than we would want to spend but everything is all inclusive. There are no extra fees for anything except food, drinks and souvenirs.

The first stop for us was the birds. Once inside, we were each given a little cup of seeds and the birds would come down and eat from you.

They stayed pretty close to the top but would come down for food and climb on hands.

We all loved it but Hannah was just not a fan of the idea of birds touching her hands so she opted out of this one.

Our next stop was the cave tour. It was really neat, they showed us the original opening for the cave. The tour guide was very detailed in explaining all the different elements of the cave. I even learned that caves are still growing, I honestly had never thought about the process of making a natural formation. Within minutes inside the cave, Hannah had to go potty. If you know Hannah at all, when Hannah has to go, Hannah HAS TO GO! I'm just happy it happened while we were still at the front or she would have been majorly out of luck!

Since we had to wait until the next tour, the girls had their free taste of fudge in one of the gift shops. We walked over to more birds. There was a cage with dog looking animals on the way. We thought it seemed really random and realized later that they were dingos!
The birds had the best photo ops since you could get right up to the cages and they were not going anywhere.

Once we had finished with the birds it was time to head back for the second try of our cave tour. We learned that the cave was discovered by an 8 year old girl who walked by and felt a draft. Her brothers lowered her into the cave on a rope to check it out. I cannot imagine being brave enough at 8 years old to be lowered into God knows what in complete darkness but this little lady was! Hannah was the "line leader" for the tour and you could just see how proud she was of it.

Makayla was not a fan and stayed glued to Greg the whole time, I'm just glad they made it through without falling. The cave was cool and water continuously drips through it and she was not making it easy for him to walk.
We were able to get a family picture in the cave. We asked one lady to take a picture and it was just horrible. Then we asked another couple to take another one, the guy just looked at us and the lady just looked at him soooooo....I just put the camera in her hand and this is what we got, haha! It was super awkward but glad we have the picture.

We took our lunch and after the cave tour went to the picnic area. Hannah found an arrowhead, "special rock." She was so proud of it but accidently threw it away with her lunchable. Greg is such a trooper, he was going to dig it out of the trash then waited because crowds of people kept walking by. Unfortunately he was unable to get it but it was a great photo-op anyway.

Next we headed to the Land of the Lories where we had the opportunity to feed some rainbow lorikeets.

By the time we got to the kangaroos, we were all worn out and tired but we were not leaving Kentucky without seeing some kangaroos!!! The tour included the explanation of different kinds of kangaroos, how the pouch works and the babies grow and even petting the kangaroos and an emu! The girls would not even get close to petting one but Claire couldn't fight me. She grunted at the kangaroo and it just laid there.

There were other things that we would have been able to see and do but it was a full day, we were ready to hop into the hotel pool and just hang out for awhile.

Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed on our long journey home. We made a few stops along the way to make the trip more bearable for the little ones. By the end of the trip, it was so nice to be home but I cannot wait for the next family adventure!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a terrific time! I am so glad you got to go away and spend time together. I know the girlies really had a blast! :))