Thursday, August 18, 2011

Makayla's in Kindergarten!

Well we did it, Greg and I sent our sweet baby to school for the first time today. I was really worried that I would get emotional but I stayed strong. I think the chaos of the first day and since Makayla was home before lunch it still felt a little like preschool. The morning went pretty smooth and she was ready to go about an hour before we had to be there. Not only was she excited for today, she has the next 3 outfits all lined up! Even Hannah knows what outfits are to be worn each day.

Of course we had to take a ton of pictures before, because that's what moms do!

Sisterly Love

Makayla and Mommy

Makayla and Daddy

Makayla at school

And again in the classroom, she did great until we walked into the classroom and a couple kids were crying. I think it scared her so I had to step up the excitement and not stick around too long so the teacher could get things going. This is her at her desk, slightly overwhelmed.

I really think I am more nervous about tomorrow. It's our first full day away, it seems more official than a few hours in the morning. I'm sure Hannah and I will both be counting down the time until we can pick our Makayla up from school!

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