Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Pacifier Snob!

I have come to the conclusion that Miss Claire is a pacifier snob. When we were still in the hospital with her I caved and had a pacifier brought down since she seemed to think I was a pacifier. The one that we ended up with is the ugly blue soothie. Nothing against blue, I just do not have boys so it's not my first choice.

I had already bought cute Gumdrop pacifiers in both pink and purple before Claire was born but they are just not good enough, I'm confused since the nipple shape is exactly the same but she acts as if she is being fed poison if I dare put them in her mouth!

Today we had to take Hannah to the doctor and somewhere between the doctor's office to Wal-Mart we misplaced the soothie. I bought a 2 pack of pink and purple soothie's and thought she would not know the difference. I was wrong! She will not take the pink or purple soothies and the only difference is the color.

When we got back home I took apart the back seat and found our precious paci. Of course, I am ultimately her favorite pacifier. Too bad "human pacifier" will not be a good resume filler when it's time to look for a job :(


  1. Ha, ha! Too funny! Amelia would not touch the gummy pacis either. They are so cute though!