Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day! Kindergarten.....Why would a school allow this baby to register for kindergarten......

After Makayla was born I was told so many times that she will grow up so fast. Or before I know it she would be going to school and I just didn't realize how true that would be! I have been having my midlife crisis over her growing up since she turned 5 and signing her up for kindergarten was just icing on the cake. I was getting caught up in the excitement with her to go to school but looking through pictures just reminds me of how quickly they do grow up.

Then we had the 2's.......a stage I never thought would end and I found myself again wishing time would speed up.

We survived the "terrible 2's" and when I think about it, they weren't so terrible after all.

When 3 rolled around, Makayla decided she was officially a "big girl" and no longer a "little girl." Yes, she told us this several times and the diapers and pullups went bye-bye. She started preschool and I loved watching her get excited to learn.

Four year old Makayla was still shy and so sweet. That was a sensitive year for her as our family life was going through so many changes but she stayed so sweet and helpful.

Now we have reached the big age of 5! Five has brought along a whole new confidence. The shy Makayla has been packed away and this mature, confident child has exploded. She couldn't be more excited to get to start kindergarten and I am really glad she is ready.

The last 5 years have flown by even though at times I never thought I would reach this point. I was told by a woman today that they [Makayla and Hannah] would be in high school before I know it. This time, I believe it! So now I will try to take in each moment and enjoy as much of their growing up as I can, the ups and downs!

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