Thursday, August 4, 2011

Queen Resort Party

Monday morning Makayla decided she wanted to have a party Tuesday and was busy planning it out. I had not agreed to it yet but she was completely convinced this party WAS happening. Since we have been completely confined due to the heat since bringing Claire home, I decided to let her have her party.

She originally called it "Queen Resort Party" and after I wrote her invites she wanted to change the name but I would not rewrite the invites. Also included on the invite, it said dress up cloths were acceptable. Makayla planned the guest list, planned the activities and I did the snacks. Monday evening we delivered our 3 invitations and all the kiddos were able to attend.

The party started at 9 AM Tuesday, the kids had playtime, dance time, snack time, coloring time and then more playtime until it was time to go.

I wish I had taken pictures of our wonderful hor d'oeuvres. We had banana cake rolls and strawberry cake rolls, cut into thirds, white powder donuts and tiny brownies. It was quite fancy! And Crystal Light to drink.

Everyone had a great time and now Makayla thinks she needs to have an event daily. She is busy planning a recital but I told her it would have to wait a little bit!

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